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Voyage intuitif dans l'espace et le temp


The Intuitive Journey

Leave without knowing your destination in advance,

Alexandre Cosentino has already chiseled it

for You Only .

Experience the earthly and human encounter,

Alexandre has set the milestones that will surely guide you in this unique adventure that belongs to you exclusively!

An Adventure like Travelers, guided by their own intuitions and passions,

eager to go beyond a simple trip planned and organized in advance.

A step in the most unusual and unexplored region of the World:


Go on an unprecedented terrestrial and human adventure, to meet our Self and the Other,

without first knowing the destination.

This one, exclusively chosen by Alexandre Cosentino,

at the same time surprising and exotic, near or far, makes us a rich , dense and deep experience exchangeswithin a human community,

of a specific geographical and particular environmental place, and a unique ecosystem.

We are fully and surely guided by Alexandre who will know with knowloedge and discretion how to introduce you to his Friends of the World.

It is according to your personality, your own experience, that Alexander will develop a terrestrial and human adventure in total adequacy with what you are passionate about. A daring and fully personalized bet that Alexandre will be able to perfectly adjust and precisely orchestrate to make you live the Experience of the Essence of the World,


Alexandre will study and choose, without revealing it to you,

after a first meeting with you in order to identify your expectations and your passions,

the destination that will suit you as well as the approach thereof, according with

Terrantipodia's humanist values.

You will discover and live the experience of the Unexpected at the time of the realization of the

Intuitive Travel project.


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