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Mystical Bagan
Trekking in Toraja landscape Sulawesi In
When winter embrace sping in front of Fuji San
Bamboos footpath in Kyoto
Archaeologist's dream in Nubian land
Dead Vlei at sunrise
Along the Nile
The royal couple of Etosha
Under the Milky Way ...
in Javanese Land
in Balinese Land
in Rajasthani Land
in Javanese Land
in Huaorani Land
in Komodos Land
in Chinese world
in Scandinavian land
in Iceland
in Mayan land
in Ngadas Land
Quechua Land
Reunion Island
in Ecuadorian land
in Galapagos land
Andamans islands
Amazon rainforest
Namib desert
South chinese lands
in Iceland
Javanese lands
in the Middle of Pacific paradise
crossing South indian lands
Andines lands

No matter where our steps take us,

provided that our most beautiful stopover is the one that vibrates with ourselves.

TerrAntipodia Destinations


Asia Indonesia, India, China, Korea, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan and Central Asia

Pacific Ocean Polynesian world

Indian Ocean Madagascar, Réunion island,Mauritius

South America Cuba and Antilles, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru-Bolivia-Argentina-Chile Loop, Mexico, Brazil

Macaronesia Açores, Madeira island, Canaries islands, Cabo Verde

Australian Out back  Kakadu National Park

Eastern and Southern Africa Namibia-Botswana, Ethiopia

Polar Lands Iceland, North Scandinavia, Spitzbergen , Cape Horn and Chilean Antarctic

Night sky around the world                                            

(Other destinations possible on request)








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